Champions of the Universe 018 – Andrew Bird / Judd Madden / Magnetic Island / Martin Denny

Welcome to our EIGHTEENTH episode of Champions of the Universe. We are pleased and excited to have Judd Madden with us all the way from Australia to dicuss his new record Doomgroove. We could not be more happy with our first guest on Champions of the Universe and we hope others will follow. Also if you were in the mood for a decent singer songwriter, DIY indie rock, or an exotic lounge journey we can defiantly provide accommodation. Just remember to bring an air mattress but do not worry about pillows. We got your back on that one.

Intro: “Sunset Song” by Sigh from Imaginary Sonicscape
Interlude: “Masterplan” by jj from No 2
Outro:“La Mente Vola” by Alphataurus from Alphataurus

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