Champions of the Universe 021 – Fog Digging Sessions / Wilds Forlorn / OFF! / Grant Green -vs- Sonny Rollins

Welcome to our TWENTY-FIRST episode of Champions of the Universe. Well, it looks like we have a busy episode for you. Not only do we have a special segment highlighting Free Bandcamp downloads but one of the artists Wilds Forlorn has been kind enough to supply an exclusive tacks off his upcoming record. If you were a subscriber to Champions of the Universe, you would already be listening to it right now. Alright, I cannot be mean, you can also listen to it here. Additionally, Handsome Chris has pit two legendary jazz albums to do battle in front of of us simply for our amusement. We shall place bets on them and scream with wild abandon in dark and dingy basements. Oh yes, we also have some snotty ass punk rock. Be sure to subscribe for nothing else than its free and its free. I said it twice because its free.

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